What We Do


Underwriting Assistance

Talk to your adjusters! We are experienced. We usually see the same issues that you do and can often provide solid input to assist in arriving at a solution.

Risk Management

The best time to deal with a potential problem is before it becomes an actual problem. Many insureds have lots of questions, most of which are dealt with by the brokers and insurers. But there are certain issues that arise where a smart approach is to have the insured speak to the adjuster. Obviously, these issues often concern procedures for handling claims and how the amount is determined. But we also get a lot of “What ifs?”, or “How do we deal with…?” It’s usually a scenario that we have dealt with before so, we can make solid suggestions. We are more than happy to help in this regard and do so quite frequently.

Crisis Management

A situation arises where a claim is in the making. What can and should be done to mitigate damages, if possible. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Sometimes you have to be innovative. It often costs money to save money. Providing for “remedial expenses” is a prudent measure. It enables an adjuster to work with the insured to have the most success under the circumstances. This takes experience. We have it.